Here's this months top records from the Dubwise Vinyl shelves.

MMM - "On The Edge"

Absolutely amazing album of dubwise electronics of the finest order from MMM (a.k.a. Berlin based duo Errorsmith and Fiedel). Opening track 'Where To Go' sets the tone and totally blew my mind the first time I heard it with the tracks getting even deeper and dubbier as the album progresses. A real masterclass in the less is more dub aesthetic.

Ratman - "So In Love"

Big up Idle Hands in Bristol for putting this one out. Previously only available on a rare as hen's teeth white label it's great to see Ratman's UKG refix of 'So In Love' make it back onto vinyl. Absolutely amazing tune that manages to capture everything that's great about UKG and then filter it through a typically Bristolian dubwise perspective. A big personal favourite and one of the first records I wrote about on Test Pressing.

Twinkle Brothers - "Dub Massacre - Inna Murder Style"

The first in the legendary Twinkle Brothers Dub Massacre series. With Mad Professor and Jah Shaka at the mixing desk you know this is going to be something special. Check out the opening dub of Jahovia for a taste of what to expect - heavyweight business all the way.

Pub - "Summer"

Given the current heat wave we're experiencing here in the UK at the moment it seemed a good time to add this one to the shop. Pub's all time classic hazy dub techno masterpiece 'Summer' in its full 16 minute glory on the A-side with the equally brilliant 'Fragile Root' on the flip.

Various - "Alien Men"

Tip top collection of dubwise brilliance from Glasgow's Full Dose label showcasing the city's home grown talent in producing brilliant cutting edge dub inspired music. Loads of great stuff on here including the insane low end slo-mo digidub work out of "Never Phased" by Mushrew to the absolutely beautiful "Shype" by Brollachan and the shimmering ambience of Hima's 'Reflections' that brings the album to a close.

Moisk - "Melancholic Raver"

Lovely bit of dubby breakbeat action from Moisk on the Pleasure Express label out of Brussels. Opening track 'Differential Equations' also sounds pretty tasty at 45rpm as well as 33rpm.

Lord Tang - "Prolonged And Sustained"

Ace 12" of leftfield dubbed out electronics from Lord Tang on the Meakusma label out of Belgium. Three new cuts on the A-side and then two absolute knock out remixes from Zonedog (a.k.a. Disrupt) and Weird Dust on the flip both of which are flippin brilliant.

Mouth - "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea"

Absolutely amazing collection of tracks produced by Bristol's Mouth dating back to the early 80's that beautifully captures a magical mixing pot of styles that takes in post-punk, dub, funk and jazz. Just check the epic 7 minute title track 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' and you'll see what I mean. Unique and brilliant.

Gaudi - "Sub Signals Vol.2"

Fantastic double vinyl LP packed with dubwise delights selected by Gaudi with most of the tracks being exclusive to this album. Loads and loads of great stuff on here with music and remixes from legends such as Dennis Bovell, Adrian Sherwood, Steel Pulse and Bill Laswell as well as from a role call of the current pioneers of the dub scene including Deadbeat, Alpha Steppa, Radikal Guru and Paolo Baldini Dubfiles.

Montel Palmer - "Catastropheland"

Ace album of wonky dubwise brilliance from Cologne's Montel Palmer whose fine musical output I've previously featured on Dubwise Vinyl. Check out the genius at work in the murky echo chamber dub of opener and title track 'Castropheland' and the darkly melodic post-punk-funk infused 'Satellite Bounce.'

Big Hands & Abraham Parker - "Aria Aperta"

Four track 12" packed with dubby, jazzy psychedelic goodness from Big Hands and Abraham Parker . I'm absolutely loving the '278 Dub (Improv 2)' cut which sounds like a some kind of futuristic roots instrumental beamed in from the year 3000 and also gets a very tasty sub heavy dancefloor remix from Al Wootton on the flip.

Hamburger All-Stars - "Swinging London"

Another fantastic long lost gem unearthed and made available again thanks to Emotional Rescue. Five tracks collected from the only two releases by the short lived early 80's London based post-punk collective Hamburger All-Stars. Experimental dub techniques combine with a quintessentially English and pleasingly whimsical sound to create something really special. 'Swinging London Part 2' in particular is a real standout beauty that doesn't quite sound like anything else.

Lawrence Le Doux ‎- "eemail"

Absolute knock out record from Lawrence Le Doux containing three cuts of deep and dubby electronics. First up is the floaty ambient dub/slo mo dub techno of 'Sun Stone' which is followed by the delicate and beautifully melodic 'Pi' before proceedings are brought to a close with the futuristic dancehall infused sunshine of 'Pico.' Difficult to choose a favourite out of these three. Lovely record.

Plein Soleil – "UV"

Fantastic collection of mesmerising otherwordly dubwise explorations from France's Plein Soleil. Ambient, free jazz and percussive global sounds blend seamlessly to create six unique and compelling outernational transmissions from depths the echo chamber. Check the sublime 'José' for a taste of what to expect.