'Fire Of Love' is a documentary currently showing based around the lives of volcanologists Katia Krafft and Maurice Krafft. Here they are...

They spent their lives studying, chasing, filming and photographing volcanoes and 'Fire Of Love' is their story. It's a lovely story based around their incredible archival footage. The film is sort of made to feel like an old science film from the 70s with the perspective it is shown in, the type face and the perfect musical foil of Nicolas Godin of Air who provides the soundtrack.

They clearly very much enjoyed their lives chasing the earths explosions whilst having to go home every now and then to make books or films to be able to further their explorations. You can see they are totally fearless, perhaps to the point of stupidity, in their goals... At one point Maurice takes a second hand dinghy they had purchased out on a lake of sulphuric acid with a friend.

As time moves on the couple move from tracking and chasing red volcanoes to grey volcanoes. The difference being you know what a red volcano will do and how it will behave and flow but a grey volcano is hard to read. Their curiosity takes them here and there is an inevitability to proceedings.

There is a whole Jacques Cousteau feel to proceedings as much of their work is conducted pre-technology taking over so its all pipes and tubes and long microphones and big cameras.

This is just a really lovely documentary to watch. It's a treat for your eyes as the footage is incredible, the earths plates pushing and pulling. The sound is brilliant and their relationship is just lovely. Oh and as people they are totally charming. Highly recommended (especially when viewed and heard in the cinema).