First In... What is the first record you bought? Where did you buy it? What do you remember about the sleeve? What did you play it on?

There is no first record, there's a box of records. Someone was doing a yard sale and I discovered a box of records for 30 euros incl. Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Snap etc. and I bought it. I played the Snap record a couple of times in the early years, but unfortunately I don't remember anymore which record exactly it was and it's in my storage. I do remember the cover of the Michael Jackson LP, which was "Thriller". And in case you are wondering in which German hell I grew up, well that's a secret. But it was near Frankfurt. At that time I really wanted to DJ, but didn't know where to start. So this box of records led to getting a job with 17, so I could afford turntables and a mixer.

(People have mixed opinions on Michael Jackson these days so we've decided to embed Miles Davis covering Human Nature from the Thriller album - Ed)

Last In... What's the most recent record you bought? Where did you hear it? Have you played it out yet? What do you know of the artist?

The most recent record I bought is Bohemia - Mortal Storm from 1993. I found it on Discogs and I haven't played it out yet, but it will def be in my next podcast. I have no idea who Bohemia is.

Never Fails... What's the record that is always with you that you just never tire of that always makes you happy? Where did you get buy it? Who did you hear about it from?

Definitely Georgio - Bedrock (Dub A Dub A Doo Mix). It's my kind of house, it always works. A friend of mine found it in a 2 Euro box at OYE almost 10 years ago. Since then it has been an instant classic.