Today we have super ace space future dubwise producer Philipp Otterbach with his selection of new, old and always with me type selections. A chance to see what makes a producer think and tick. There is so much good music mentioned in this article. Also, check his productions and remixes here as they always deliver the goods. Dig in.

First In... What's the first record you bought? Where did you buy it? What do you remember about the sleeve? What did you play it on?

Quite hard to remember. I had the pleasure to browse the not so big but very well organised record collection of my father. So as a 8 year old kid I had the chance to listen to White Noise 'Love Without A Sound', the whole Pink Floyd Universe or Colosseums 'Valentyne Suite', so I was busy with this. I started visiting record stores regularly when I was 9 or 10 years old. So was really into this hippie stuff. My first record might be a second copy of CREAM's 'Wheels of Fire' (killed the first copy by accident). „Pressed Rat and Warthog” was the only real track I listened to on this album, but my main focus was the 15 Min Drum Solo Toadby Ginger Baker. One of the reasons to start drumming.

I spent a lot of time in a record store called “RILLE” in my hometown Krefeld during the day after school. The owner Georg Nichzienski (RIP) was a nice and nerdy character and I listened to his stories about selling records at the Moerser Jazz Festival and Concerts I have never been while browsing records.

Last In...What's the most recent record you bought? Where did you hear it? Have you played it out yet? What do you know of the artist?

My latest purchases were actually 2 CDs, which is a rare occasion. Samm Bennett's 'History Of The Last Five Minutes' and even more the 'Mental Floss Album' by Wisdom Tooth, which features Stephen Marsh, David Liles and Ed Greer. I had this CD in the 90s since I was really into this noise blues experimental rock thing with it's charming rusty hubcats scrap metal drumming and customised guitars with piano strings. It was funny to see that the track 'Something To Be Desired' by Wisdom Tooth became one of the key songs at the Salon Des Amateurs re-opening and 'Acid Bath' with it's delayed guitars and iron percussion and the 60s hippie track 'Cry' is also worth to listen to. Ed Greer played also Bass in Miracle Room together with Rock Savage (Barkmarket) amongst others, which I might include to a new mix. I also re-bought these amazing 'Abstract Magazine Compilations' on vinyl with the magazine in a nice package.

Finally never fails... What's the record that is always with you that you just never tire of that always makes you happy? Where did you buy it? Who did you hear about it from?

There was a certain period around 2006 -2007 when Eat Concrete from the Netherlands released a bunch of really interesting records. I would merge the catalog numbers EAT001 - EAT007 here. It became already a kind of joke for myself that I always have one of these with me since then and i do not get tired of them. From very laid-back electronics to deep psychedelic Kraut -Techno, Acid House and far out beat concepts. It stands in a contrast to so many current releases, which seems to be very limited in their genre even if they release interesting experimental stuff.

I think I bought the Bootstrapping EAT001 back then on a trip to Netherlands at Clone if I remember correctly. The 'Ichi' track by Evan Odd is an adventures beat trip with psychedelic sounds and a broken beat which I really adore. 'Im Your Pusher' by The Freaks With Thousands E's might be my favourite acid track - very moody and on going. The Orgue Electronique track 'On A String' is a classic Chicago house track, but its a different version than the one released on Clone Cx26... A better version in my opinion.

Just to point out some other tracks by these releases: the 'Attention Spam Sampler' might full fill the current wrong speed dreams since you can play it on 33 and 45. The Berend-G Track called 'Elektro Space' on EAT006, played on 33, is a nice hidden electro tune. Or these two tracks by Evan Odd on EAT 003 – 'Off Track' is an amazing dubby electronic piece and 'Island 1' is a psychedelic percussion track in the mood of posterior Shackleton. And mostly Pete Concrete 'Stinger' (EAT007) is such a beauty - it is a truly inspiration for my own productions. A very cleaned up and stripped down electronic blues with a handmade beat approach, dubby basslines and this certain nervous bass sound on top. Otter Gold!

The short answer would be Cop Shoot Cop's 'Transmission' and Z-Rock Hawaii's 'God In My Bed' which never left my bag (Cop Shoot Cop) or USB Stick (Z-Rock Hawaii).