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Words by Dr Rob
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“They were believed to ritually cannibalise vanquished enemies in order to absorb their physical and spiritual powers. The idea of cultural cannibalism fit us, The Tropicalists, like a glove. We were eating The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.”

- Caetano Veloso

The original Tropicalia movement of Brazil`s late 1960s embraced the principle of Antropófago, the consumption and re-appropriating of influences. Their music assimilating Afro and psychedelia into the country`s traditional musical forms (Bossa, Samba, Maracatu, etc.), and putting the musicians at odds with the then military government. Eventually landing them in jail and exile.

Graveola (described in the press notes as Gilles Peterson`s favourite new Brazilian band) sound as if they have gorged on Tropicalia itself. Like their predecessors they compose and perform songs of resistance. Songs that protest issues such as tenements bulldozed to make way for World Cup stadiums, seek to raise awareness for topics like the preservation of indigenous heritage. Any key Tropicalista you care to name, Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, Tom Ze, can be heard in their music. You can also throw in Azymuth and Robson & Olivetti.

A single was released on July 8th, while the album is now due August 12th.

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