Jupiter Jax
100% Silk

Words by Dr Rob
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I`d stick this in with the new Lauer, and my mate Deep88. House music that has very diligently and expertly studied its history, pays obvious tribute, but without slavishly copying. It doesn`t want to be of the `80s, or the `90s, it aims instead to be timeless, classy, and classic. “The Light”, a collaboration with Merwyn Sanders of Chicago pioneers Virgo Four, could be a sequel to Marshall Jefferson / The Truth`s “Open Our Eyes”, raise those hands, while quoting Sun Ra`s ideology. Brothers from another planet, whistling the coded greeting from “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”. “The Deepest” is the Proto-House Electro of Louis Vega on the edit of The Information Society`s “Running”. “Soul Searchin`” uses Ralf, Florian, Wolfgang & Karl`s Tour De France exertions for percussive effect, over Terrence Parker pianos and Lovebeads atmospherics. The bass has the Stereo MCs, sabres drawn, on a walk down Main Street. “Visions” clanks and rattles like chains being shaken in E-Dancer`s “World Of Deep” (thank you Mr. Havelin), the vocal, a sly wink at Gerald`s voodoo, the upright bass-line, another Weatherall echo. “Simple Pleasures” parks in Walt J`s NYC Garage. “End Of Time” makes the same promises as Larry Heard & Robert Owens.

“Visions” is in the shops now and you can order directly here

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