Khruangbin, ace twangy dub funk band, are the compilers of the next episode of Late Night Tales and as part of this they've done a cover of the mellow classic 'Summer Madness' by Kool & The Gang. It's good. Here's the tracklisting...

01. Devadip Carlos Santana And Turiya Alice Coltrane - “Illuminations”
02. Brilliantes Del Veulo - “I Know That (When The Springtime Comes)”
03. Nazia Hassan - “Khushi”
04. Kelly Doyle - “DRM”
05. Sanulim - “Don't Go”
06. Maxwell Udoh - “I Like It (Don’t Stop)”
07. David Marez - “Enséñame”
08. Gerald Lee - “Can You Feel The Love (Reprise)”
09. Justine & The Victorian Punks - “Still You”
10. George Yanagi + Nadja Band -「祭ばやしが聞こえる」のテーマ
11. Песняры - “Зачарованная моя”
12. Khruangbin - “Summer Madness” (Exclusive Kool & The Gang Cover Version)
13. Paloma San Basilio - “Contigo”
14. Roha Band - “Yetikimt Abeba”
15. Tierney Malone / Geoffrey Muller - “Transmission for Jehn: Gnossienne No 1” (Produced by Khruangbin) (Exclusive Track)

The compilation is released December the 4th on Late Night Tales.