Suzanne Kraft
Talk From Home
Melody As Truth

Words by Dr Rob
Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Suzanne Kraft, Jonny Nash, Melody As Truth, Talk From Home

Ponderous bass drum, sporadic machine handclaps, and smoky Fender Rhodes make a music like waking, rubbing the hours from your eyes after an all-night session in Muscle Shoals` Fame Studios with Spooner Oldham still at it and Dann Penn checking for what`s left of the whisky. Six-string solos rouse percussion like coffee percolating, or Zorg`s chilli con carne coming to the boil. The distorted cry of a blues harp catching clear skies. Rain at an open window while love rests its head. Unconscious unravels happy memories of skinny-dipping at Erskine Falls to the sound of Carl Orff`s ”Gassenhauer”. Close-miked fingers slide on a suite for morning, passing like time in recovery on a Michael Mann & Dante Spinotti crafted Florida beach, shimmering drone rising to the echo of an empty room at first light.

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