A don member of the TP forum named specialdiscoversion aka James has done a wonderful thing and pulled together the main music threads into YouTube playlists for your pleasure. It's a properly good resource sourced via contributions from many different forum members in threads for different genres. Speaking personally I've discovered an awful lot of good music already.

Basically if you want something ace to listen to you can just play on one of these and let them run away in the background.

The forum is really a nice chilled place. If you haven't checked it yet hit this link and get involved. Enjoy the music below. Quality.

Deep House Playlist

is It Balearic? Playlist

Italians Do It Better Playlist

Best Of Masters At Work Playlist

Best Of Murk Playlist

AOR Playlist

The Jazz Playlist

The Chuggers Playlist

The Disco Playlist

The Italo Disco Playlist

The Esoteric Techno Playlist