Hey All. Just a quick one to say we've launched a forum. It's pretty simple and if you want to get involved you can head HERE.

I honestly just hope we build a space of respect and care that can bring some joy into our lives. It's that simple really.

I've split the categories into pretty broad brush strokes for now so we have...

Music – Music music music. A place for discussion on one of the things that matters most to many of us. A catch all place for the broad range of music that filters through us.

Chat – A space for general chat. TV, film, new clothes, whatever… Basically anything that fits in and around our world.

Mixes – Post mixes here. What have you been listening to recently? Whats been making your world go round? I-d spotting… You know… Here’s the spot.

Recommends – Tell us something good. Podcasts, walks, stuff we should know about…

Events (inc. Virtual) – Place your events and parties here. Hopefully the world will open up soon but until then if you’re doing something fun online we should know about put it here.

Production – Production production production… Let’s talk how to when it comes to making music. I got lost in modular synthesis so I am well up for some geek chat.

Forum Discussion – A place to discuss the forum. Bad behaviour etc etc. Hopefully not a corner any of us will have to visit much.


Hope you want to come and get involved.

Peace, love and music,

Paul (Apiento). x