I'm not here to knit boots for snails; this is the record of the year. But you knew that already, right?

With this, the fourth release on Test Pressing Recordings, we have hit an apex—a perfect Venn diagram of Apiento's ethos, taste, and boss-level A&R skills. The foundational balearic bedrock of Manuel Göttsching's 'E2-E4' is reimagined by Alex Kassian, one of the finest contemporary electronic producers operating and then remixed by bona fide reggae genius Mad Professor. What's more, the end results somehow still exceed expectations. <chef's kiss>

With an ever-diversifying dance music scene encompassing a dizzying number of releases each week, the 'underground hit' is becoming increasingly rare. But here we have precisely that, one of those records that crosses over and unifies the tribes. It's a communal moment of bliss and right in time for summer.

I don't need to say anymore. You know what to do.

Alex Kassian X Mad Professor's 'E2-E4' is released on the 24th of May by Test Pressing Recordings