There’s something about trees and water that calms the human soul. Nearness to these things bring us closer to the source, our origins and what makes us who we are. Music has long played a part in enabling that connection to nature and the best music can make us feel more alive through its organic vitality.

Coyote have long followed a path that fully embraces such a feeling, combining the call of the wild with the tranquillity of open space, and this latest release on new label Natural Selection is completely of that world. ‘Every Forest Has A Shadow’ is an immersive slice of Balearic-infused badness. Equal parts melancholy and uplifting, it weaves a spoken word elegy to the mysteries of nature over guitar, tabla and a lush synth-infused backing that combine perfectly over its length.

Flipside ‘Know One Cares’ is more minimalist, with a tougher, darker feel, more driving than ‘Every Forest..’ but no less affecting. Drums are more pronounced and there is a hint of acid. It crackles along, emerging from the undergrowth into something with teeth.

Remix duties come from Vanity Project on the title track and Sebra Cruz on ‘Know One Cares’. Both take their versions from the more headspace burner territory of the originals into more dancefloor friendly directions. Sebra ups the acid and drama while VP increase the pace on ‘Forest’ hyping the synths stabs and drum flutter for more of a peaking feel. A spring release in more ways than one.

Every Forest Has A Shadow is available now via Natural Selection's Bandcamp