2020 hey! What an utter shit-show. Thankfully Efficient Space comes to the rescue with this reissue of Australian band Bellydance - the heroes we didn't know we needed. Another worthy addition to the ever-growing list of 'what the heck!' historical missives from down under, curated by Michael Kucyk and, in this case, instigated by Sydney DJ and all-round good guy, Ben Fester.

Bellydance was a sprawling collective of up to nine members who released a reasonable amount of music in the early 90s but didn't puncture the consciousness of the wider world. Our loss, frankly. Thankfully now we have this lovely reissue, complete with the original (and very groovy) cover art from Mental as Anything's Reg Mombassa, to soothe our aching souls.

As noted in the press release, the closest point of reference is Primal Scream's 'Loaded' but 1991's, indie-dance '3 Days Man!' has a more amiable, rambling charm. It rollicks along on a Soul II Soul(ish) beat, big-hearted piano, and a substantial spoken word sample from Woodstock - they can feel it coming, and so will you, my friend. The lyrics speak a universal truth of kindness, acceptance, love, freedom, and avoiding the brown acid. Unless, of course, that's your trip.

We get two mixes: the '3am version' and an even more stoned and blissed-out extended version from Peewee Ferris and John Ferris. Organs lazily noodle around some vintage samples as you have the dawning resolution your shoulders have been really fucking knotted. Look out the window; it might still be sunny. One more listen and get yourself out there. The world is where you left it.

'3 Days Man' is out now on Efficient Space