It's good to see the Idjut Boys getting back into production. First, we had the recent return of the very excellent Droid series. Now this, Conrad rolling solo and offering up three remixes of Cantoma's 2015 'Alive.' Cantoma, of course, is the production alias of Britain's most balearic man ©, Phil Mison. Here aided and abetted by Quinn Lamont Luke (AKA Bing Ji Ling).

The original version is a full song, but Conrad has gone on a version excursion and executed three instrumental takes. These differ enough for the home listener but are complimentary enough for the adventurous DJ to run quite the megamix, similarly to 'Smokin' Balls.' Real DJs buy two copies!

First up, we have the 'Vacant Lot' remix, a shimmering dubwise play-off between propulsive deepness and hazy interludes. The sun is setting but are those clouds on the horizon look ominous... Next up is the 'Instrumental' take, which leans into the guitar, taking you on a balearic dub disco ride. Finally, Conrad's D and B' mix is a self-explanatory drum and bass workout. No-one but no-one does these things better and personally, I could listen to this kind of drum-dubbing all day long. So relax; you're in the hands of an expert.

Cantoma's 'Alive" (Conrad McDonnell remixes) is out now on Highwood Recordings