“Discoteca” comes courtesy of a veritable dream team, none of whom should need much in the way of introduction to lovers of disco, Balearica and general grooviness. But just in case, here’s the semi-short-version lowdown: Chris Coco is the longtime DJ/producer/broadcaster/journalist/Big Chill mainstay/all-around tastemaker who’s hand his hands in this universe since its big bang (i.e., those hazy late ’80s). DJ Rocca, an occasional partner of such beloved names as Dimitri from Paris and Daniele Baldelli, has produced a wide range of top-tier tunes for such labels as Nang, Toy Tonics, Paper Recordings, Tirk and Rotters Golf Club, among many others. And Faze Action Records, rather needless to say, is helmed by Simon and Robin Lee of Faze Action, who should be thanked for bestowing some of the most sublime dance music of the past few decades upon us.

None of which means that ‘Discoteca’ is any good, of course — but we’re happy to report that the EP is actually quite glorious, in its slightly unassuming yet charming way. The main mix is dubbed the Heavy Fun Dub, and that name pretty much sums it up: It’s a rollicking mélange of congas, throbbing bass, synthy bits and a bit of murmured narration (“heavy fun, all night long,” etc), all smeared with a generous amount of humid echo. There’s an instrumental mix which dispenses with the vocals, as well as a version from the Faze Action brothers themselves, which boasts crisper drums and an even higher dosage of dubbiness. Just for variety’s sake, they’ve tossed in b-side cut “Brute,” brimming with a percolating synth line, chugging syncopation, and a propulsive drive that belies its relatively low BPM. It’s rock-solid, thoroughly enjoyable package, much as we’d expect from this squad.

"Discoteca" is available on the Faze Action Bandcamp and in all good record stores.