Kalita Records come through with a sick slice of reggae-boogie badness from one Desmond Chambers. Desmond released two records - the super rare, 1987 LP 'Tiger Born' featuring 'Haly Gully', and 'The Morning Show' on a seven-inch from the same year. Needless to say, both of these would set you back a bob or two on the second-hand market. So instead, Kalita has thoughtfully gathered these two tracks together with previously unreleased versions, commissioned a brand new remix from Toby Tobias, and put it all on a nice, loud twelve-inch single. Cashback!

'Haly Gully' is blazing hot horns, righteous vocals, and a super-slack rhythm section. Everything is in the pocket, a certified head-nodder for sure. And we have it here in the spaced-out LP version and a previously unreleased vocal take, which allows Desmond to sing his truth. Toby Tobias gets his hands on the multi-tracks and turns it into a psychedelic dub disco dance, replaying most instruments and drums. Cavernous dubbing, sirens, snaking 303 lines and a rattling 808. Clearly taking cues from digi-dub and beyond, this remix is a remarkably natural fusion of Chamber's Jamaican / Canadian original and more UK dubwise sensibilities.

'The Morning Show' is a more rollicking disco reggae song accompanied by an instrumental version for the vocal-phobic amongst you. Both were mixed down from the original master tapes by that Toby Tobias guy. Clever boy. The whole thing is beautifully packaged and comes with extensive liner notes based on interviews with Desmond, and a brace of previously unseen photos. Essential archival business with unheard versions for the collectors and a deep modern revision. You need this!

'Haly Gully' is out now on Kalita Records