Sun Sea Sound is a new label from Christopher Galloway of Soft Rocks, focusing on horizontally inclined, balearic music. And it's off to a flying start with this release from Huw Costin's Torn Sail, aided and abetted by Shrinkwrap. Torn Sail dropped a couple of stellar records on Claremont 56 before releasing two critically acclaimed LPs - 2017's 'This Short Sweet Life' and 2020's 'Leisure & Technology.'

Christopher has picked up two tracks from the former long-player reworked by Huw's close friends Shrinkwrap. Shrinkwrap is a production duo whose output is best described as 'sporadic.' They've put out their own music on the Idjut Boys (who are big fans) Discfunction and U-Star labels and have done a clutch of perfectly formed remixes. Quantity, of course, is no barometer of quality and that is especially true here - Shrinkwrap's music has an expansive, wide-screen quality and pitch-perfect production values. Not an element out of place as the vibe unfolds in an unhurried fashion.

And so it is here, on the a-side we have 'Disconnected' that unfurls over eleven languorous minutes - a dubwise, lysergic melding of Torn Sail's epic vocals, curling 303 lines, and glorious guitar work. The whole thing builds to a glorious climax before petering out into a soft ambiance. Balearic is an often misused word in these strange times in which we live, but this is deeply, deeply balearic.

On the other side, we have 'Gains on Gains.' Here the tempo is just a shade higher, and the remix is a complete song that then gets thoroughly reconstructed on the dub. It's another drifting, shifting sweep of pure emotion making Torn Sail and Shrinkwrap the perfect pairing for your slow-motion mind travel. Cop this!

Disconnected / Gains on Gains (Shrinkwrap remixes) are out now on Sun Sea Sound