I first came across DJ F16 Falcon via his excellent ‘Dubz’ 7” released a few years back and this latest record released via French label Notte Brigante continues the same exploration into the more experimental realms of dubwise electronic music.

Despite its small size the record manages to squeeze in three bass heavy nuggets kicking off with the absolute gem ‘Ici Commence La Nuit‘ which is a beautiful piece of dreamy dubby downtempo magic that feels like the audio equivalent of basking in the last rays of late summer sunshine.

This is followed by the dubstep influenced bass wobble of ‘Clope Sucrée‘ which provides the perfect palate cleanser interlude before heading into the more industrial tones of closer ‘Trip à la Mode de Quand‘ that delivers a complimentary dark side flip to the sunny afterglow of the A-side opener.

The record also comes in some beautiful hand made screen printed sleeves which gives each one its own unique DIY charm.

I have copies for sale at the www.dubwisevinyl.com shop if you fancy one.