Here's the latest one from California's immaculately curated Forest Jams label - specialists in blissful sounds from around the globe. Occupying a sun-kissed, coastal sunset zone, "Yellow Haze" collects up four songs from UK producer/DJ Reuben Vaun Smith aka Expositions, a music maker with a penchant for slo-mo boogie with a beachside boardwalk glide. I say that to say this, "Yellow Haze" has a beautifully Balearic bop, and in the best way, these tunes feel effortless and endless.

The EP kicks off with "Get With You", a slice of synth-boogie which feels like sunlight moon-walking across the water, before Reuben and guest singer Hannah's airy vocals blow things out into a breezy, yacht-pop vibe. Up next, "Rollerskaters" swerves things into a Caribbean roller-disco, steel-pans ringing resonant over a funky back-beat with a promenade-ready strut, before "Sun Shines Down' takes things into a swirling synth-ballad drenched in soft focus romanticism. Things close off with the bubbling dreamscapes of "Holding On", the soundtrack to effortlessly surfing your way along an endless wave.

"Yellow Haze" is out now in 12" and digital formats through Forest Jam (order vinyl here)