Lunatic Music is a newly minted Australian label that sets out its stall with a release from ever-so-handsome British ex-pat Jamie Blanco. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where the music is going with a title like 'Adventures in the XTC Hour, and Blanco serves up two body music thrillers aimed directly at the club. Make no mistake; these are sounds for the darkest moments of the night, where perceptions are distorted, and things start to get weird in the best kind of way.

'Unit of Measurement' has a bassline that is the very definition of low-slung, accompanied by an ever-rising 303. Sinister sounds drift in and out of the mix. Conrad of the Idjut Boys picks up where the original leaves of, taking us further into the heart of darkness. Cavernous reverb and delay drive everything nearly to the point of collapse. Never has borderline panic felt like so much fun.

'Pon the flip, things are dialed back a bit with 'Sample Bases' as Blanco lets a bit of light in. Once again, we're locked into a rock-solid bassline, but the main hook is a (somewhat antipodean?) vocal refrain this time. As a result, the overall feel is more euphoric but still trippy AF. Losing our minds indeed. Oak Park then strips 'Sample Base' down to a more discoid adventure, making the most out of that vocal in a killer breakdown.

So there we go. Four bullets from the club gun will cause the right kind of damage. We eagerly await what comes next from the lunatics at Lunatic Music.

'Adventures in the XTC Hour' is released by Lunatic Music on the 21st of November.