What have we here? A new label from friend of Test Pressing, Toby Tobias. Toby recently unmasked himself as the mysterious Alphonse. Plot twist! It was him all along! Voice Notes opens its account with a debut release from Cherrie Bea accompanied by a remix from UK underground techno hero Nuron. Are you excited yet? Well, you bloody should be. The whole package is an absolute belter.

First up is the titular 'Jafar's 21st', and happy birthday to whoever they may be. It's a slice of properly musical deep house, jazzy keys, and rubberised bassline to the fore. Classy, classy business, my friends. Next, Nuron adds a sleek electronic sheen to proceedings, nudging the track gently toward the dancefloor while keeping the vibe loose and limber.

Flip the wax for my personal favourite 'Allure,' and deeply alluring it is too. Moving into the garage realm with sweet vocal snippets and the same high-quality musicianship. The whole track elevates off the ground when those chiming keys kick in. The crowd might do similar. Proceedings are rounded off with 'Essence of Jasmine.' Armed with a propulsive beat and whispered vocal. This is a more jittery, almost broken-beat mood and the perfect closer for the EP.

Big tip for the house-heads out there! Looking forward to more from Cherrie B and Voice Notes.

[Just as an add on to Piers review... I have to say the Nuron mix of this is my favourite record for ages. It's stone cold perfect. Nothing extra in there thats not needed... Funky, electronic, alive and for me worth the price of entry alone. Something for everyone on this 12" but for the electronic heads its definitely worth getting for this - Apiento]

'Jafar's 21st' is out now on Voice Notes.