I’ve been eagerly awaiting more music from Junior Loves since his excellent self released Banner / Nore 10” from last year so I was very happy to see this pop up on Bandcamp via John T. Gast’s 5 Gate Temple label. It provides the perfect continuation of the path he successfully ventured down on that release giving a welcome contemporary update to the classic UK dub sound.

Side A is home to mystical stepper ‘Yantlet’ which provides a fitting soundtrack to the ancient Thames creek which gives the track its name – dark, mysterious and steeped in sound system history. Delivered in two mixes it’s the longer, deeper and more dubwise ‘First Passage Version’ which really hits the spot on a cold misty December morning.

Flip the record over and you’re treated to some seismic bass bin pressure in the shape of ‘Grain.’ Tougher, sparser and more direct than the A-side it takes dub to the year 3000 combining the rib cage rattling bassweight of dubstep with the icy cold synths of grime to create a seriously next level UK stepper.

Junior Loves 'Yantlet / Grain' is out now and available on 5 Gate Temple's Bandcamp.