Record collecting can be a stuffy, po-faced concern - humourless older gentlemen pouring over catalogue numbers abound. This is NOT how Berlin-based digging duo No Frills do business. They inhabit a breezy world of music and fine wines where wit and whimsy are as welcome as the obscure jams they pluck seemingly out of the ether. Make no mistake, a record blogged by them generally shows the sort of exponential increase of Discogs value you'd expect to see in a bitcoin boom. Invest in that black gold, son.

It makes excellent sense for our dynamic duo to diversify their interests and set up a record label. And Mentira's 'Te Amo' is its debut release. This piece of music is very close to No Frills' hearts, totally forgotten before they rediscovered it at a Schöneberg flea market some years back. It quickly gained cult status, filling dance floors, tickling the eardrums of those with a penchant for balearic house bombs, and fetching a hefty price tag along the way.

Very little is known about Mentira aside from they would appear to hail from the UK, and dropped this one killer white label before disappearing in a puff of smoke. But what a jam it is! Coming from the Italian school of dreamy 1990s deep house, it grooves along on a buzzing, addictive bassline and unique vocal - once heard, you can't forget it. All the usual suspects are here, euphoric pianos, melancholic flute licks, vaguely Latin percussion, saxophone! But the musicianship and sheer charm of the tune elevate it way beyond the normal.

As if this wasn't enough, the lads themselves step up and deliver a dangerously deep, downtempo acid remix with the assistance of DJ Gigola. Finally, the EP is closed out with a sick instrumental edit from fellow Berliner Rifts, making this one essential package.

'Te Amo' is available now on No Frills