Sometimes a release comes in from left-field, unexpected, no fanfare, maybe just a tune that comes on the radio and suddenly it’s a ‘what’s this?!’ moment. Then comes that confidence, that when that song is shared, others will feel the same - especially when the sun is shining. With this double header on new label ECHOES iN tiME, that feeling is definitely there.

First up is Ms Ray. There have been two previous releases under her belt via her Bandcamp that are also worth checking. She does minimal, vocal led tracks, but more than that, there’s songcraft at play. New track ‘Broken Heart Still Beats’ carries on that style. The delivery is heartfelt as it plays over a minimal beat. It’s just angular enough to give an edge. The track is hooky, slightly odd maybe pop, strictly synth and drums, in a twisted borderline street soul style. But there’s a weight and depth behind the simplicity. Keys and electro swooshes give it a lightness of touch and almost playful feel to the music. It’s a happy marriage, complete balance between the backing funk and the wistful lyrics.

But this record is a double header, with Pal (Ali Raybould), dropping ‘Belle of the ball’ on the reverse. Raybould also had production duties for Ms Ray’s previous release (‘Cornerstone’). ‘Belle’ is more obviously 80s inflected featuring Patrick Mayer on vocals, and almost a torch song, contrasting nicely with ‘Broken’ more upbeat nature. Echo effects and a choral backing over distinctive drum programming giving it a distinctive ethereal feel as it quivers to a close.

Summer music can take many forms, it doesn’t have to raise the temperature, sometimes it just needs to chill things out.

The 7’’ of this is now up for pre-order at ECHOES iN tiME Bandcamp and is released on 17 July.