With her Museum Of No Art project, Hamburg based improviser and experimentalist Mona Steinwidder (known for her work as Mohna) uses voice, sampler, synthesizer, clarinet and effects as her tools. Palette in place, she traces out a series of open ended sonic environments where manipulated vocal composition, deconstructed electronics, and moody cinematic composition thread together into an experience straight out of the cinema of the mind.

Séance Centre have invoked the idea of the ten-track album being "an imaginary cadavre-exquis played by DJ Screw, Arthur Russell, Hiroshi Yoshimura, MJ Lallo, Poppy Nogood, and Laurie Anderson," and as the record unfolds song-by-song (or perhaps room-by-room), the psycho-surrealistic logic behind this description checks out. That liminal zone you like is going to come back in style. It is happening again.

Museum Of No Art is out now through Séance Centre in digital and limited edition LP formats (order here)