Höör, Sweden-based music maker Eternell (Ludvig Cimbrelius) returns for his second time around on the sound in silence sail barge with his "Imagined Distances" album. A prolific producer who works across a range of aliases and labels (including his own Eternell imprint), Cimbrelius' has a levitational touch, and his compositions often seem to hover above deserts, beaches or seas; or feel suspended in the air on the horizon. If you've ever read Moebius's Arzach graphic novel, you know the vibes.

Across "Imagined Distances"'s six long-form ambient pieces, Cimbrelius blends breezy synthesiser, sun-bleached pads, delicate bass rhodes, wordless gossamer vocals and guitars that unfold like a twenty-four hour time lapse. Ideal for deep listening, relaxation, or, to evoke Eno, tinting the atmosphere in a space, "Imagined Distances" reignites the sleek, technoutopian visions of the most genuine side of the '80s new age scene, but with less unnecessary frills, and a well integrated neurolink between technology and nature. Listen to this one until the quiet comes, then listen to it some more.

Imagined Distances is out now through sound in silence in limited edition CD and unlimited edition digital formats (order here)