There are edits and then there are edits. Too often turgid, hardly worthwhile, hopeful DJ calling cards, lacking in pizzaz, pluck or point. School of Rock 001 is not one of those records.

Jonny Rock, the best hugger in the game, the meatball master, high-lord of the quid bin, and the original Old School Rider, steps up to the plate and knocks the ball out of the damn park. You've probably heard these jams in the sets of some high-profile and discerning DJs. 'Rock Rave' being a big play for Ricardo Villalobos and Young Marco. 'Rock Love' was a significant feature of DJ Harvey's recent UK tour. But you don't need this kind of validation to know you need this record, do you?

'Rock Rave' was made famous by a particular scene in a certain film. J-Rock has tweaked the song for maximum drama and dancefloor impact and lays some dialogue from the same movie over the top. So bust out that deep v knitwear and wave your icepicks in the air. Have you ever had sex on cocaine?

'Rock Love' retools a bonafide balearic classic for the modern era. A call to unity and an open question about religion. Riding on chugging groove, some Kinky rapping and one of the greatest voices of this country has produced. If this isn't working for you, well, just pack up and go home.

We're back in East London for 'Rock Life' - when a pair of famous twins sampled one of the best ever to do it. Professionally straightened out and extended for your dancing pleasure.

Let's leave the last words to the man himself….

'school of rock

rock as in solid

rock as in this jonny rock

school as in what i picked up along my path

and keep picking

its never ending

this series is to share some of my experiences

not as in this be schooling people

best school is your own school

study life

make it yours'

School of Rock 001 is out on the 26th of November