Test Pressing Catalogue is a sister label that focuses on club-adjacent music with an emphasis on melodic and enduring sounds. Its inaugural release comes from Open Space, a collaboration between our very own Apiento and Andrew Hale of Sade/Sweetback, with singular vocals by Laura Groves. As you would expect from these heavy hitters, the end result is very, very classy indeed.

On 'Tied', Groves' delicate vocal is subtly processed to take it into uncanny valley territory. Ethereal, somewhat spooked, and right in your ear, every nuance cutting through. The bottom end balances Smith & Mighty's Bristol bass and its more contemporary soundsystem mutations. Tight, controlled beats ricochet into the chasms of dub. The musicianship is sparse, measured, and expert, with classical grand piano that conveys as much through the notes omitted as those played.

For those in need of a version excursion, 'Tied' has a dub where we can get lost in the deep groove. A heavy weight in a velvet glove. Just play it right after the vocal for a modern take of the reggae discomix.

'Control' takes us further out into the same realm as the Cocteau Twins. A promise, a question, a threat riding a crackly, popping beat. The song shifts gears from haunting to something more expansive. It's a transfixing moment when Groves finally sets her voice free and lets it soar, interplaying with rich analogue synthesis before dissolving in a giggle.

Open Space has found the space in the sound and conjured a mood that lingers in the soul long after the final note fades. Respectful of its past but with one eye on the future, as they say themselves, "music that will keep well past its sell-by date".

'Tied' is out on Friday the 16th of February on Test Pressing Catalogue