'Détends-Toi' is the first release from Berlin-based singer and DJ Stella Zekri. Aided and abetted by Ed Longo, she's come through with a compelling and likable tribute to Zouk and boogie sounds. So often 80s, inspired contemporary records can fall down on their production values or the quality of the songwriting, but this record delivers on all fronts.

This music is like a summer breeze. Languid, self-assured, and not afraid to go there fully with the tropes of the genre. On 'Détends-Toi,' we get both saxophone solo and spoken / rap part, and each is pulled off with some aplomb. It's all delivered with the perfect balance of sincerity and light touch. 'Plus-vite' is another killer song notable for some gorgeous, fluid interplay between synth and guitar.

'Sentimentale' has shades of 'When We Kiss' uber-smoochy balearic boogie - one for the lovers! The tempo is raised on 'Réalité with its grooving brass and sophisticated bump and hustle. 'Pourqoui' is a version of everyone's favourite cod reggae-pop hit and it comes off wonderfully. Finally, we get a dub mix of 'Détends-Toi' for the DJs and vocal-phobic.

So, a killer first release for Cosmic Romance and music that truly deserves to be heard by as broad an audience as possible. The sound of the summer, baby!

'Détends​-​toi' is out now on Cosmic Romance