Here's "Heaven To Hell", the new one from the ferociously talented Melbourne-based New Zealand singer-songwriter and producer Vanessa Worm. Dragging the snarl and angular sound shapes of classic post-punk into 2020, Vanessa blends percussive guitar figures with frantic, psychedelic vocal arrangements and a ramped-up motorik rhythm engine. Fast-paced, focused and driving, it's a breakneck trip along the lost highway in signature VM style.

Rounding things off, Vanessa's partner Eden Burns contributes two club-focused remixes of "Heaven To Hell", re-framing the songs hypnotism and drive in a few different modes. Her debut album “Vanessa 77" is out July 10 through Optimo Music. It's shaping up to be a good one.

You can purchase "Heaven To Hell" on the Optimo Music bandcamp (here)