Any comp or mixtape is always under pressure to make sure it isn’t just a tracklist. It has to be a coherent oneness. And so it is with Parkway Records’ first foray into long player territory. Mark Seven has always been a doyen of authentic sounds. Taking the classic, evocative, foundational even, sounds of New York and New Jersey, where all the good stuff collided head on and working them hard into a modern context. Add the twist of the enduring influence of radio in taking music to the people and the result is art and craft in harmony.

The eight tracks fire off with the loose vocodered freestyle of ‘FM Jamming’, setting the scene for the programme ahead. A more straight ahead house sound follows with The Whole Truth and ‘Falling’, keeping the energy high. Charley Kelly and ‘You Gave Me Love’ is tougher, with a more garage sound. Fierce drums and that signature Parkway key stab at the fore. Parkway stalwart T-Kutt brings ‘Whatt U Say’, dropping the beat deeper with echoing vocals from the gospel belter end of the spectrum.

Another Parkway/Parkwest alumnus, Trey Risqué pops up with ‘Search The Nite’. It’s a frantic, electro led excursion with a killer searching vocal hook that makes the tune fly. ‘Keep Reachin'’ by Parkway Rhythm is a smoother sounding track, added disco cosmicity and male vocal but no less danceable for it. Under the Parkwerks moniker, ‘Inherit Dub’ is tribal drum-led tracky number, its pounder of a bassline builds into a super satisfying organ climax. Closing out proceedings is recent signing, The Whole Truth, whose ‘Believe (Purple Mix)’ provides a new mix of the recent release. Teasing out the vocal and giving a little nod to you know who. Just listen to that guitar and synth - all will become clear.

Parkway Presents: WPKY Jams is a super strong selection from the Parkway vaults. Just all killer, tune in and jam out.

WPKY Jams is available now from Piccadilly Records, Rush Hour, Sounds of the Universe and other physical outlets.