Well this is a lovely thing... Paesaggi Records have been quietly releasing some fantastic music over the last few years and this release may be one of their best. Tokyo-based Yuto Takei has delivered a 6 track mini-album / EP that mixes ambience with arpeggiated synths and rolling beats. 'Tinu', the lead track, sets the mood with some broken arps with fx rolling out before beats and pads subtly move in. It's a really gorgeous piece of electronic music and worth buying the record for that alone...

'Water Index' follows and is pure arps and whoosh and fx. Tidy. 'Usual Nikko' is an ambient piece with congas and drum hits going off that wouldn't sound out of place on the brilliant Recycle Or Die label of old. 'EV22' kicks of the B side of the 12" with little knocking hits starting off before a warm squelch of arp with some super nice phasing before FX start opening up. It wouldn't sound out of place in a Vladimir Ivkovic set... It's got that spacey with nice drums vibe down.

'From Outer 273' is the most clubby track with a kick snare kick snare and almost new beat feel to the music. The bass driving it in the first half before the synth arps come in... 'Balabadur' takes us home with a short atmospheric piece of repetitive synth opening up and closing off as a long pad rides over the top.

Mr Takei has nailed this record. It's full of gorgeous sound scapes and really deserves some of your time. Click play and see how you go. On a final note massive shout to Alessio from the label who I met recently in Berlin. He's as good vibes as his record label. Easy!

You can head to the Paesaggi Records Bandcamp to find out more on the release which is in all good record stores now. x.