I scanned in a few articles earlier on Bandulu from Jockey Slut earlier... One interview by Jonas Stone from '97 which you can read here and another one where Weatherall interviews the band in July '94 which you can read here. Anyway, there was that time when techno / electronic artists started finding home in big spaces such as Brixton Academy (in many ways thanks to the work of Bob Dog from Megadog fame but I guess thats another story). Anyway, Bandulu live were fucking heavy. In fact Bandulu on record were fucking heavy. I was chatting to someone (big up pknie64 on the TP insta) and he sent me this playlist of Bandulu live. Seriously they were just banging out. Love this first video of them even though the sound is well rough as it just captures that energy and mix of dub and techno. We're not talking in a Basic Channel strung out way. We're talking in a 'cave your face in I've spent years in dark corners of clubs and beanos' way. There's one other live video and a live show from Austria thats audio only. Heavy sound ahead.