This film was sent in by Nick Simpson, an animator from Melbourne, Australia. His goal for the film was to recreate the atmosphere of a nightclub - that sweaty heaving mass. As he says it's 'illustrated love letter' to that feeling. It was primarily made during lockdown so has even more meaning. Nick is a graduate from RMIT and has worked on TV shows, music videos and feature films – most recently Adult Swim’s YOLO Crystal Fantasy and the upcoming Ari Folman film 'Where Is Ann Frank'. His last short Bela premiered at the 2020 edition of the Annecy Film Festival. I've added this under 'Congregation' as I can imagine if you like that you'll want to see more. 'Congregation' was made in collaboration with Francis Inferno Orchestra who delivered the soundtrack which perfectly suits the mood. We hope you enjoy both.

Note - Vimeo does a very strange embed on TP so you are best of clicking the link and going through Vimeo. x.

Warning - 'Congregation' contains strobe like effects!