Daniel T.
Windy Lady
Tito Records

Words by Dr Rob
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An L.A.-based cover of Tatsuro Yamashita`s classic “Windy Lady” (1)(Dan responsible for some nice releases on Young Adults, and that recent remix of our friends, Vetiver (2)), updating the City Pop as sultry electronic Dub. Half sung, half whispered in Japanese by Eiko Hara (slow enough for even me to - ecstatically - understand). Harriet Brown`s remix reinforces the Reggae vibe with a wah-wah lick, skanking bass-line and funky clav-like keys. The music now resembling the late `80s bar-raising productions of Major Force / Love / Sexy T.K.O. (3), while label founder, Turbotito, on his take, handclaping and cowbelling, heads further back to the Disco / Boogie of the `70s original.

Digital only at the moment, you can currently download two of the tracks for free on Soundcloud, or purchase the whole E.P. (and support the artists) for a pittance over on iTunes.

Thanks to Rodrigo.

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