Murcof X Vanessa Wagner

Words by Dr Rob
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“Statea” is a collaboration between celebrated electronic musician Fernando Corona, AKA Murcof, and award-winning Classical pianist Vanessa Wagner, born out of improvisation and practiced through live performance. In covering a series of revered pieces by composers such as John Cage, Arvo Part, Gyorgy Ligeti, Erik Satie, Morton Feldman and Phillip Glass, they have created a kind of wordless machine opera, a soundtrack to a post-human evolution perhaps necessary for us to escape the orbit of a dying star. Wagner`s beautifully reverbed solo piano plays with the grace of an olympic figure skater, the classic Minimalism of the original compositions transformed into something more orchestral by Corona`s manipulations. His electronics twist and tightly tune keys, who sing like sinewaves, create beats, that race like a protagonist towards his destiny. Man evolved into data. The past made future. The last century transported into the next. Within this context, the piano turning, enchanting, like a holographic memory of a lost Earth, cold and crystalline, brittle and fragile. Its beauty sad, proud, but fading. A keep sake. A curio. A relic.

A music of shadows, of solitary hours, “Statea” is Techno and Bladerunner urbane. There is dread here, claustrophobic and paranoid. Menace and psychosis. Released with the hiss of steam through the gratings of acid rain slicked city streets. Glitches fizz and buzz, and blast a broken fanfare, and the resonance of everything reflects and refracts in a hall of mylar mirrors, fragmenting like flame pulled into a vacuum. Torn apart at the edge of a black hole, as vocoder astronauts voice a requiem sung to a blue planet succumbing to its sun. Constructing a hymn to Humanity`s last stand, as if watched from a vessel of light in search of new worlds, by digital ghosts, remembering. Saying goodbye.

You can order “Statea” from Bleep, while Murcof X Wagner play London`s Barbican on October 31st. You can book tickets here.

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