Simon Ruf Dug got in touch about a new tape he's got on his label from John Tye under the name the Ocean Moon Group. I asked Si what it was all about and he told me the following...

'Ocean Moon Group is the electronic manipulation of Jon Tye, the string theory of Jack Amor and the visualisation of Graham Guy-Robinson.

Created in the sun-crested hills of Maker Heights, ‘Ripples’ is a suite of extemporised spaciousness: one where the confluences of harmonics, melodies and inner rhythms converge to create a new articulation for the new age.'

Sounds right up our street and you can hit the link at the end but we asked for John to select his ten favourite ambient wavey moments... Sweet.

1. Good Feelings – A Mu-Psych Sampler (Various Artists)

Incredible compilation featuring the Ghostwriters and the amazing Fred Wackenhut. Every track is a marvel.

2. Meditation – Siegfried Schwab

This album from 1979 is a beautiful mix of guitar and electronics that sounds way ahead of its time.The 16 minute long-form jam 'Suche Nach Unendlichkeit’ (search for Infinity) has a real deep Ocean Moon Group vibe.

3. Stones of Precious Water – Barry Cleveland

Another guitar based album with electronics and flute by Emerald Web. Amazing textures and resonant tones. ‘Beyond the Pale’ is particularly lush.

4. Paul and Mark – Quiet Water

We love how this album goes on and on… Very simple in some ways with just guitar and DX7 but intricate and open too. The 20 minute ‘Summer Daydream' is just that.

5. Children of The Sun – Ani Williams & Mazail Galindo

Deep chords, harps, flutes and voices, weave a cosmic hammock from which to drift away into the cosmos.

6. Solstititium – Gianni Marchetti

Expansive textures paint a sonic landscape cut through with melancholy and hope. Another deep drift vibe that is so much a part of the OMG experience.

7. Birth Rite – EDGU

One of the deepest and unusual New Age tapes we’ve come across. An album full of movement and invocations doorways and openings. Impossible to find but it’s on YouTube so easy to check it out.

8. Sad City – Limbo

Transformative. Caruth's melodies reveal themselves slowly, unfurling like the alap of a raga, or the petals of an opening flower.

9. 仮想夢プラザ ‎– 夢市

It would be remiss to exclude a Dream Catalogue release, as the label has released some astonishing ambient/drone records. This lesser known cassette-only treasure is a side project of the impossibly talented T e l e p a t h. Side A is a sprawling journey of oscillating minimalism. Just fabulous.

10. MDCNL – Simon Dobson

Simon is British Composer of the Year three times in a row (and based here in Plymouth) who has recently released a gorgeous ambient record on Lo Recordings. Strongest recommendation for the track 'Pick Me Up/Down' - 13 minutes of aching beauty. File next to Phil France.

If you like this playlist curated by Mr Tye for the fine price of £5 you can head to Ruf Kutz Bandcamp and purchase the album which is in a limited run of 50 and pulls from these sounds... Hit the link below.