It’s the summer of ’92, and you’re in Rimini. The time is just shy of 7 am, and you’re standing in the most fabulous club you’ve ever visited. Last night was the best night of your life. The sun is just starting to creep over the horizon, turning the sea the most vivid shade of blue. This club is, of course, open-air. Unusually the space and its clientele somehow look even more beautiful and glamorous in this light. People might be moving with a little less energy now, but everywhere you look there are happy faces. A bit tired, sure, but nothing a few hours napping on the beach won’t sort out. There’s no paranoia, edginess, or fear of the coming day.

The music seems to have come to a halt, but what music it was! You recognised nothing - just a seamless stream of beautiful house music. Then, finally, the DJ reaches into his record bag, casually slips another white label 12 inch onto the platter, cues it up, and lets it go. This tune will cement that morning forever in your mind. In the future, when you put it on, it will always transport you back to that magical moment in time.

None of this happened and that record is ‘Theme from Azura.’

'Theme from Azura' is out now on World Building