Here we have another sure shot from Michael Kucyk's frighteningly on-point Efficient Space label. This time hitting us hard and fast with a succinct and devastating digi-dub missive from Sydney via Bromley producer Jeff Dread. I'm not going to front; this is a new name to me. He released a handful of CDs on the Creative Vibes label between 1999 and 2001. Efficient Space has culled two archival tracks and placed them on seven-inch wax for our listening pleasure.

'Dub the Farmers Daughter' has it all, really. Tight, clipped beats, fruity bass, mournful melodica, and snakey acid lines. Jeff lets fly with the delay in the middle section before snapping back into line for a taught and effective conclusion. 'Pon the flip, we get 'Out on a Limb.' A less militant journey riding on that classic Korg M-1 organ preset. Once again, getting increasingly dubwise as the track progresses - a masterclass in working scant elements into a greater whole.

A potent reminder of the enduring appeal of the digital template laid down by King Tubby. This time garnished with some of the dance music signifiers that defined the era. Get it whilst you can!

Dub The Farmer's Daughter / Out On A Limb is out now on Efficient Space.