Peoples Potential Unlimited and Leaving Records alumni Nicky Benedek aka Benedek steps up to the platter or New York's L.I.E.S. Records with "Mr. Goods". Over seven well-formed dancefloor heaters, the Los Angeles-based producer and Delroy Edwards collaborator pays homage to latin freestyle dubs, WBMX drum tracks and 78th Street Project era Joey Beltram. Equal parts breakdance machine rhythms, squelchy future-nostalgic synths and pumping bass, Benedek delivers on L.I.ES Records promise of "street beat at it's finest," taking a set of comfortably-worn motifs from the era of arcade machines, street corner dance battles and questionable haircuts and slams them straight into 21st century. 1986 meets 2020 type vibes. You're gonna want to listen to this one loud.

"Mr. Goods" is available in LP and digital formats (order here)