Here's some happy news and some sad news as well. On the 21st of December, Music For Memory released "Private Life III", the final installment in Californian producer Dâm Funk's ambient meets modern funk series under the Garrett alias. Available in LP format, "Private Life III" serves up eight slices of effortless, poolside cool for the liminal spaces we've all daydreamed of (you know, the type @SpaceLiminalBot tweets out on the regular).

I often think of the "Private Life" series as being rooted in Dâm's appreciation for German electronica outfit Software's slomo disco opus "Island Sunrise", but when you move beyond that hyper-nostalgic classic, there has always been a lot more going on in the Garrett works. Expect shades of jazz-funk, fusion, and sophisti-pop (in the mode of Prefab Sprout), but as always, rendered in an effortless, instrumental style. When you get this sort of drum machine and synthesisers combo going on, it's hard to want to take the day off, vibe out with the music, and enjoy life. Especially given how this release represents the conclusion of this particular cycle.

You can listen to some samples below via the Music For Memory soundcloud page, or purchase the LP over (here).