Höga Nord Rekords is a label based in Göteborg (pronounced yoto-borey), Sweden. They started in 2013 and offer a fun take on pop culture. Sometimes coming with a kosmiche sound, say via Gothenburg's own Fontän, our here in a new 7" from those edit dons Black Bones.

Black Bones, DJs Aaron Black & Timmy Stewart, come straight out of Belfast and are renowned for having a fantastic record collection. They pull from house, acid, slow electronics and a general across the board sound. Here they take the edit into the next level whereby it's an inspiration for two tracks. You can almost feel the edit there but they are showing more and more of themselves.

On the A side 'Nairobi Night Train' kicks off with congas before moving into a rolling electronic groove with a vocal stab and whooshed out effects. It's dubwise from a new angle. On the flip of the 7" with 'F.A.D' they come with one of those mad electronic records that you can imagine the sorely missed Andy Weatherall playing at a certain point and blowing your mind with. It's wonky and I can't place the beat though it feels Japanese. It's the one for me. Well they are both great but this comes out on top. This one came out a month or so ago and it's well worth checking as it'll be one of those records you dig out four months down the line, flip it on and then realise how good it is. Nice work chaps.