The release kicks off with 'Thx (The Sequel)' which starts with a classic Detroit emotive string sound before moving into arps then dropping a little Rhodes riff and distorted kick and snare with fx. It's so nice. Its pauses. The kicks off again. 'Trans Human Express' says the vocal lick... The perfect start. Little vocodered sounds take it on and the super nice strings come back in with flanged high hats... I'd love to hear this on a massive system.

'Global Warning' comes next. Nature forest sounds enter before a little marimba riff and plastic piano riff all reversed out arrive. The nature stays and the tracks just creates a lovely mood with high keys and the marimba keeping it all locked down. Revered drums pre empt the break and its off with a nice perfect floaty banger. Music to my ears.

So thats the A side. On to the flip. 'Syntax Error' kicks us off with a niggly little riff and distorted drums. I'm really enjoying the way he drives the drums in the mix... They sound heavy but not overdone. Again little vocodered bits arrive and are chopped up... It sounds like fun times were had in the studio.

Next up is 'Translate'. Classic Detroit backward pads sounds drop into a nice soft high hat and it's deep techno all the way. Such a nice sound. His music sounds thought out but not over thought if that makes sense. It moves, and is melodic, but keeps the groove. It's a good way to be.

Finally we've got 'But In Time'. Back to the sweet niceness. A little piano riff introduces proceedings with an 808 rim shot and a wicked little rolling beat. A sweet sweet baseline arrives which makes the track come to life. It's a lovely thing. Just press play below.

All in all this is just quality quality music that whether at home or in the club has its place. Melodic, but not too much, and just a lovely across the board palette of melody and sound. Top work.

This is in the shops now and available on Bandcamp on any of the above links. Head to Discogs to dig though more of his productions.