If you enjoy classic electro in the Detroit tradition (Cybotron, Drexciya, Underground Resistance), chances are you'll enjoy Auckland, New Zealand-based producer Mokotron's new five-song 'Battlezone' EP. Mokotron's drum programming perfectly captures that classic bounce and their synthesiser and vocoder work evokes the same sense of chrome-plated futurism we've come to associate with the form. And just as Motor City's electronic pioneers sought (and still seek) to reclaim agency and knowledge though music, the 'Battlezone' EP tells a similar story from a perspective from the other side of the globe.

"INDIGENOUS BASS FOR YOUR [email protected]#$%&* FACE.
UNIT# M-analog Indigital Native Synthesized Mauri Enhancement Module
PROJECT# Reclaim Tino Rangatiratron
TECH# E-pahū / Puoro Matahiko / Hau hōu
GEN# Anamata Tawhito
CODE# 835_808_1840_303_101." - Mokotron

The 'Battlezone' EP is available for digital purchase (here)