Stroom dial up the weird on this deeply freaky piece of queasy, uneasy listening from Roman Hiele (music) and Clodagh Kinsella (text). By turns funny, unsettling, and borderline terrifying, this is ambient music gone through the looking glass. There's little more beyond a deadpan delivery of an arch, creepy piece of writing about the third summer of love and a looping musical motif that tilts off its axis to become more discordant and dread, but it still hits you like strange chemicals.

Kinsella has come up with some imagery that lives with you long after the music has ended and leaves you wanting another dose of whatever bad magic this little record has coursing through its grooves. There's also a superb sucker punch of a third line and a nice supermarket joke. Even for a label like Stroom that casually operates in realms unknown, 'The Third Summer of Love' is something of an outlier.

Out there and essential listening. Tune in to the sound mirrors.

'The Third Summer of Love' is available for pre-order now on Stroom