Here’s ‘enchanté’, a new three-track digital/12” vinyl release from the world-wandering DJ, producer, vocalist and instrumentalist Jitwam. Following on from the squelchy, p-funk informed house sound of his Purple EP and the lo-fi soul/psychedelic beatscapes of his Honeycomb album, ‘enchanté’ sees Jitwam leaning more towards a soulful house sound. With his production and yearning vocals fleshed out by a cast of session players on bass, keys, drums and harmonica, the first two songs compliment each other while giving Jitwam space explore lush, luxurious chords (‘enchanté’) and rawer, dance-tempo jazz-funk ( ‘Something To Say’). To conclude the EP, Jitwam had Anthony Nicholson create an extended remix of ‘Something To Say’, where it’s sweaty, basement funk groove and vocal yelps hypnotically stretch out into a space approaching infinity. One of those cuts you can drop at the summer cookout or the rave, you know?

‘Enchanté’ is out now through TheJazzDiaries (purchase here).