The DEEWEE label is building quite the catalogue. There were quite a few releases we didn't get to last year as we were so lost trying to sort out this new website of ours and get our publication in place etc etc but it really is worth exploring the label.

Next up is the new release by Phillipi the ‘Amadurecimento’ E.P. He heads into darker territory than that which he generally explores with bandmate Rodrigo. Opening track is a heavy vocal dancefloor number embellished with those metallic hits and noises that Dave and Steph (producers on all the DEEWEE tracks) love so much. ‘Vibe De Verao’ is like a Latin acid record in feel with the wicked bassline coming to the fore about three and a half minutes in. One for the hips... '9000' is expansive and spacial with EP closer ‘Gelo Seco’ coming on like a mental take on new beat. A properly interesting release from DEEWEE that comes packaged in lovely artwork from Ill Studio and Maxime Verret. Check it below... Its out now.