This one is a lot of fun. In December, Past Due, a sub-label of Chicago's Still Music released 'Bodywork', a lost 12" from singer/songwriter Lee Moore, the king of Memphis boogie funk. Originally scheduled for release through NYC’s LM Records in 1981, Still Music's Jerome Derradji became aware of 'Bodywork' around a year ago, when a record dealer from North Carolina messaged him about a couple of test pressings he'd come across at a storage auction near Durham. In light of Still Music's 2017 compilation release A Gram Of Boogie - The Story of Lee Moore - Score Records & LM Records Memphis, 1979​-​89, putting another release made sense on paper, and makes even more sense when you hear the exuberant boogie bounce of 'Bodywork'.

On the A-side, Lee Moore lets out a good times vocal refrain, you know, one of those ones about getting to it and letting the body work. Meanwhile strutting drums, signature boogie-synth guitar and electro-ready synths squelch away, providing a rock solid beat. The short story: this is one of those songs that just brings the dancefloor alive. If you're looking to be somewhat more subtle, you'll want to flip over the 12" for the instrumental on the B-side. It's still got that bounce, but as usually happens when you strip out the vocals, the music has a lot more space to breathe.

You can pick 'Bodywork' up in 12" or digital formats via Past Due (click here)