LNS generally deals in nimble but steely electro and techno that leans into her classically trained musicality. On this release for Going Going sub-label, Counter 99, her sound palette expands to the organic and earthy with remarkable results. You could easily imagine 'Misiats' being released on Honest Jon's; there are shades of Spiritual Life and an organic sense of freedom and experimentation.

'Pizzica Tarantata n.014 rework' is powered by hypnotic chanting, hand drums, dubbed-out flute, and anchored with a weighty bass line. The vibe is trance-inducing, meditative and powerfully rhythmic. 'Birch' is more abstract. Nadia Sparrow's expressive and emotive flute blends with mystical synths and drones, taking us to other places in sound. 'Shale' rides on an almost steppers 4/4 pulse, heavy dubwise bass, snappy Nyabinghi referencing percussion, and Sparrow's flute, this time with a 'Far East' feel. The titular 'Misiats' is powerful and brooding, with Ukrainian folk singers and a heavy, heavy dub vibe.

Going Good and its sub-label have a sedate release schedule that eschews hype in favour of timeless, interesting records that demand your full attention. With this release from LNS, they've hit the jackpot again. Don't miss it!

'Misiats EP' is out soon on Counter 99