Anyone who has tuned in to Otologic's NTS show will know that they have a taste for leftfield dub sounds. Their newly minted and aptly named Constant Delay label is a platform to continue their explorations. Its inaugural release comes from a Los Angeles trio comprised of Damon Eliza Palermo, John Jones, and Phil Cho. Together they are Puli, and they've laid down some extremely deep shit.

Side A, 'Mr. Steinberger Upstairs' coasts along on a low-slung groove at a steady head nodder's pace. There is judicious aquatic dubbing, but the soundscape never becomes cluttered or muddly. Every nuance cuts through; each sound has its place, and organic percussion guides you through the bong smoke to a satisfying synthesised conclusion. Side B, 'Ginko' is a tougher, more militant vibe, taking its cues from UK sound system music, heading towards Steppers territory.

This record comes in ultra-limited numbers and is essential for those interested in contemporary mutations of the dub gene. Don't hang about!

'Puli EP' is available for pre-order now